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Advanced versatile artificial intelligence technologies and interconnected cross-sectoral fully- operational national focal points for combating illicit firearms trafficking

CEASEFIRE is an EC-funded Horizon Europe Innovation Action that launched in October 2022. It has been designed to improve the crime-fighting ability of European nations using modern technology. Bringing together 21 expert partners from across Europe, under the coordination of Centre for Research and Technology – Hellas (CERTH, Greece), it is a 3-year R&D project focused on combating firearms trafficking. 

Firearms trafficking holds a prominent position at the forefront of organized crime activities in Europe. Ceasefire will develop a highly innovative, holistic, multi-disciplinary, high-tech and versatile approach for aiding EU Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) in their struggle to detect, analyze and track cross-border illicit firearms trafficking. It will deliver relevant, advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and will establish fully-operational National Focal Points (NFPs), aiming to increase LEA operational capabilities and alleviate existing organizational, cooperation, cross-jurisdictional, trans-border and information exchange challenges. 


Protecting the European territory from organised environmental crime through intelligent threat detection tools

PERIVALLON aims to provide an improved and comprehensive intelligence picture of organised environmental crime and develop effective and efficient tools and solutions for detecting and preventing such types of criminal activities and for assessing their environmental impact based on geospatial intelligence, remote sensing, scanning, online monitoring, analysis, correlation, risk assessment, and predictive analytics technologies, by leveraging the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the fields of computer vision and multimodal analytics. As a result, enhanced investigation processes and methodologies will be derived through the capabilities provided by the developed tools and solutions, and the insights obtained though the proposed Environmental Crime Observatory.


A single-entry point platform for Law Enforcement Authorities and Border Guards to improve investigative proof collection capabilities against environmental waste crimes.

EMERITUS aspires to lay the foundations of a new generation of technological tools orchestrated via a single-entry point platform at the service of LEAs and BGs to improve detection and proof collection capabilities against waste-related environmental crimes. To do so, EMERITUS will create and implement a protocol for effective environmental crime investigation. The project combines innovative monitoring and analysis technologies with a complementary training programme to foster LEAs and BGs’ intelligence and investigation capabilities at both the national level and cross-border levels. The ambition of EMERITUS is to explore and demonstrate how these technologies and specialised training could improve the efficiency of environmental crime detection and intelligent risk profiling to optimise resources, reduce the risk for operators and provide a deterrent for offenders.