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RITHMS Third workshop

25 September 2023

 In a pivotal moment for the RITHMS project, the 3rd internal workshop unfolded over two days, showcasing significant progress in the ongoing battle against organized crime's grip on cultural heritage. The event took place at the Centre for Cultural Heritage Technology in Venice.

Day 1 - Delving into Milestones and Strategies

The first day of the workshop centered around the presentation of all deliverables completed in the project's inaugural year. Attendees included RITHMS' Project Officer and members of both the Advisory and Ethics Boards.

Participants engaged in deep discussions regarding the achievements and hurdles encountered during the project's initial year. Valuable insights and best practices were exchanged, setting the course for future endeavors. The unwavering commitment to combating organized crime's impact on cultural heritage was evident throughout the day, reinforcing the project's vital mission.

 Day 2 - Exploring the Nexus of Organized Crime and Cultural Heritage

Day two of the workshop marked a resounding success, with participants actively engaging in discussions and dedicating themselves to the cause. The workshop's focus was to delve into the intricate links between organized crime and cultural heritage.

Each contribution made during this session laid the foundation for the months ahead, as RITHMS members work to uncover solutions to this pressing issue. The insights, research findings, and discussions shared during the workshop will serve as invaluable resources in the ongoing fight to safeguard cultural heritage.

 The RITHMS project extends heartfelt gratitude to its advisors, including the Council of Europe, UNIDROIT Foundation, OSCE, and Europol, for their unwavering support and collaboration. 

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