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RITHMS First Workshop

04 April 2023

RITHMS Consortium met in Fürstenfeldbruck, Munich, for the First Workshop, to get started with the deliverables dedicated to the legal, security, and technical requirements.
The Bayern School of Police hosted this three-day operational meeting where the first bricks for the SNA Platform's development were laid down.

RITHMS partners are already actively engaged in the implementation steps. 

25 September 2023

RITHMS Third workshop

05 September 2023

RITHMS at EAA Conference in Belfast

04 July 2023

Double event for RITHMS in Spain

17 June 2023

RITHMS at the International Conference on the Nicosia Convention - Riga, Latvia

15 June 2023

RITHMS at the Projects to Policy Seminar - Brussels, Belgium