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RITHMS at the Projects to Policy Seminar - Brussels, Belgium

15 June 2023

RITHMS has been invited to participate in the "Projects to Policy Seminar", co-organized by DG HOME and REA. This annual event brings together a collective of newly launched projects and policy stakeholders to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and policy alignment.

 It is an incredible opportunity for RITHMS to contribute to the policy landscape and make a meaningful impact in the following fields:

Fighting Crime & Terrorism: RITHMS aims to develop innovative solutions that enhance security measures and combat criminal activities against cultural heritage.

Strengthened Security Research and Innovation: RITHMS project firmly believes in the power of research and innovation to address emerging security challenges. The project aims to advance security research, foster innovation, and contribute to cutting-edge solutions that protect cultural heritage.

Border Management: efficient and secure border management is vital for tackling the international illicit trafficking of cultural goods. RITHMS recognizes the significance of streamlined processes and enhanced security measures at borders. 

One of the seminar's goals is to raise awareness among relevant policy DGs (Directorates-General) about the newly launched projects, including RITHMS. We are grateful for this opportunity to showcase our project's objectives, progress, and potential policy-related outputs. Additionally, the seminar will provide valuable guidance to these new projects, enabling them to align with the policy priorities and interests of the policy DGs.

We are excited to engage with policy stakeholders, learn from their expertise, and contribute to the policy landscape. Through collaborations like these, we can truly make a lasting impact and drive positive change. 

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