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RITHMS at the International Conference on the Nicosia Convention - Riga, Latvia

17 June 2023

At the International Conference on the Nicosia Convention in Riga, organised by the Council of Europe, Dr Arianna Traviglia (CCHT-IIT), RITHMS Project's Coordinator, delivered an inspiring speech on the power of technology in safeguarding cultural heritage and combating looting and illicit trafficking. 

In fact, RITHMS project leverages Social Network Analysis methodology to develop an advanced digital resource that enhances the capabilities of Law Enforcement Agencies in their investigations.
By mapping social connections and analysing relationships between criminal and non-criminal actors, RITHMS will provide a novel understanding of the intricate trading networks related to cultural property.  
Sharing the stage with RITHMS' Coordinator, Mr Maurizio Pellegrini and Ms Daniela Rizzo, former officers of the Italian Ministry of Culture and renowned experts in judicial cases addressing looting activities at archaeological sites.
As members of the Art Crime Project Association, RITHMS Consortium's Affiliated Entity, they are also involved in the project. 

Furthermore, the conference provided a valuable opportunity to meet Ms Monica Redondo Alvarez and Dr Oscar Alarcon Jimenez, Programme Managers of the Nicosia Convention and esteemed Advisory Board Members of RITHMS project.

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