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RITHMS at the Final Event of the TRACE Project

13 June 2024

Dr. Madison Suzanne Leeson from the Centre for Cultural Heritage Technology (IIT - Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia) recently represented RITHMS at the final event of the TRACE project conference in Vienna on June 11-12.

The TRACE project, funded by H2020 EU, has been at the forefront of developing an innovative platform that consolidates data on logistics, communications, and financial transactions. TRACE has achieved significant advancements by leveraging AI for entity extraction and efficient data processing.

At the conference, key discussions revolved around anti-money laundering mechanisms, tools for countering the financing of terrorism, and updates to evidence admissibility rules in court—topics that resonate strongly with RITHMS' goals.

Dr. Leeson participated in the panel titled “Factors Affecting the Uptake of AI Tools in the LEA Community.” Tobias Mattes joined her from the Bavarian Police (RITHM Consortium Partner) and other esteemed panelists: Peeter Paisuots from the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, and Thomas Havranek from CIN Consult Group.

Dr. Leeson shared insights from RITHMS, highlighting our efforts to integrate diverse data sources and ensure the practical utility of our mechanisms for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs).

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